Sok Prin

Sok cofounded the school and currently serves in an advisory position. Before this he was the manager of the school in Banteay Srey and taught all of the English classes.  He was born 1985 in the countryside about 50 miles from Siem Reap. He had a difficult upbringing having been born during the civil war in Cambodia.  His father was a soldier for the Vietnamese supported government and his home and village was at one point burned down by Khmer rouge soldiers. Life calmed down in 1993 and his family was given land in BanteayAfter finishing elementary school, Sok left Banteay Srey to study as a monk. He studied English for three years and became fluent while still at the pagoda, later teaching beginners courses to other monks. After four years he left and received a job at a hotel and non-profit which also gave him a college scholarship. Sok has a B.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Build Bright University. He is married and has one daughter. 



Eddie co-founded Bridge of Life School alongside Sok Prin in 2009. He attended an alternative spring break trip and worked with Sok teaching English. While there Sok expressed his desire to start a school and Eddie decided to support the project. Since 2009 Eddie has been back and forth between Siem Reap and Los Angeles. He typically works in the United States to earn money and then returns to Cambodia as a volunteer to help manage operations especially fundraising and marketing aspects. In 2012 he founded The Big Yellow House, a not-for-profit social enterprise that operates a guesthouse for socially responsible tourists and volunteers in Siem Reap. All profits from the guesthouse are transferred to Bridge of Life School. Eddie still has plans in Siem Reap and is hoping to start a laundry cooperative for unemployed women in the near future. He can be reached at


Synoun Phot

Synoun is from Lal Kokor and moved to Banteay Srey in 1999.  She didn’t attend high school but began learning sewing when she was about 17 years old from her mother in their hometown.  Later she married a police officer and moved with him to Banteay Srey where they reside with three children.  She now has over 20 years of experience sewing and has worked for the last four years as our sewing instructor.  She also manages our sewing business, processing and distributing orders so graduates can earn additional income.  Synoun enjoys working with us and sharing her skills with residents of the community.  She feels confident in the skills learned by recent graduates and is optimistic many will go on to have successful businesses.  She is currently working with our third group of sewers.    


That Proeun

That is the accountant for Bridge of Life School. He is originally from Kroline district which is about 50 miles from Siem Reap. He is the oldest in a family of five and his parents and the rest of his family work as farmers.  Before working for our school he worked at several internet cafes and while there taught himself how to fix computers. After a few years he was hired to teach computer courses and computer repair at two different private schools in Siem Reap. He now splits his time between private tutoring and our school.  That is the first in his family to attend university and is currently a third year student working on a B.S. in Accounting at Build Bright University.  He is not sure what he'll do when he finishes his degree.  He said he will either seek work at major bank or financial institution or spend some time as a monk.


Chea Ing

Chea is 31 years old and the manager of our school in Kampong Thom. He is originally from the town where we work and now teaches four classes daily.  Born to a poor family, Chea left home at eighteen to become a monk so he could study English and “have enough food”. He studied the language for nearly four years at the pagoda and a local private school. He later taught English at the pagoda for over five years.  He left the monkhood when he was 28 and moved to Siem Reap city, finding work as an English teacher at Kampuchea National School. Despite a great job, his heart was in his homeland and he wished to one day open an English school there so he could teach his neighbors. In 2011 we began supporting his efforts. We renovated a building at the local pagoda with proper school supplies and provided him with a salary. He recently got engaged and will be married next January.



Paren is 28 years and originally from Kompong Khleang. He moved to Banteay Srey in order to complete his education. After finishing high school he moved to Siem Reap city where he found employement at a hotel. Later, he work for PLAN, a large NGO, monitoring students sponsored by international donors. He was hired by Bridge of Life School in 2012 to teach English and manage overall programming. In 2016 he transferred his role from English teacher to tour guide (although he still plays a significant role monitoring programming). Paren graduated from BBU university in 2017. He is married and looking foward to having children. 



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