Educational Field Trips

Bridge of Life School provides educational field trips for English students and primary school students in Kon Deng.  These valuable learning experiences are designed to complement classroom learning and reward students with high attendance and performance.  All trips are chaperoned by staff and parental permission is required to participate.   We typically do these trips twice a year depending on our financial position.
To date students have visited a variety of places including:
- A visit to Siem Reap city where they learned about the history of the annual water festival and were able to watch boat races along the river.
- Visited temples in more rural parts of Siem Reap and were taught about it's specific history and heritage from a trained guide
- Took a trip to the Angkor Center for the Conservation of Biodiversity where they took a class on ecology and learned about endangered species in their own backyards and what they can do to prevent wildlife trafficking.
- Traveled with volunteers to a floating village where they learned about what life is like for residents living on the Tonle Sap.
In 2017 we began doing "Reverse Tours" - tours of the temples for elderly residents in Kompong Khleang. You can read more about these tours at Community First: Kompong Khleang Floating Village Tour's blog  









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