Bridge of Life School has been providing free English language classes, a sewing program and cooperative, and other programming since 2009.  Here are examples of students who have benefited from our programs:


Bunya is from Banteay Srey and studied English with us for two years.  He was one of our fastest learners, advancing to the conversation class rather quickly while process new words and English grammar easily.  After finishing high school he learned of a job vacancy at a local Khmer radio station.  The job required you to read foreign new stories, sort through them, and then read the most important ones on air for two, one hour daily segments.  Advanced English skills were required for the job as the articles come from major English publications and are difficult to read.  Eight people were interviewed for the position, including a few with university English degrees, but Bunya was the only one hired.  He credits his success to English classes at Bridge of Life and to his teacher, Sok Prin, who constantly challenged him and taught Bunya effectively.  


Poly is from Banteay Srey and lives about a quarter mile from the school.  She studied English with us every day for over three years and was one of the most popular students because she was never afraid to ask questions.  After graduating from high school she learned about government scholarships being offered to study medicine in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capitol.  After applying and interviewing she was given a full scholarship by the government and now plans to be a doctor.  She constantly expresses her gratitude to our English program--without it she would not have passed the English exam required to enter university.  Poly loves her coursework as is proud to be the first in her family to go to university.  She looks forward to several more years of study and her new future!  If you're ever in Phnom Penh feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with her.


Piset is from Kon Deng and lives nearby the school.  He began studying English on the first day classes were offered in July 2009.  His parents are in their mid-thirties and he is the oldest of seven children.  After studying with us for over three years and finishing secondary school he moved to Siem Reap to start earning money for his family.  He took out a loan to purchase a tuk-tuk and now works as a driver full-time.  Piset is so glad he learned English because, as he put it, "you can only find customers if you can communicate with them well."  He is confident in his speaking abilities and is never afraid to approach a tourist.  Since working in Siem Reap he has tripled his family's income back home!  He usually sits outside Central Market looking for tourists and anytime The Big Yellow House has guests we always recommend Piset.


Bunno like most of our students is from Kon Deng where Bridge of Life opened its first school.  His father died at a young age so he was forced to drop out of high school so he could earn more money as a full-time farmer.  Luckily, he was still able to study English during our night class.  He came to Siem Reap in 2010 where he found work almost immediately as a technician at the Foreign Correspondents Club, a famous four star hotel.  He makes $130 a month which is a very high salary in Cambodia and enough to support both himself and his family back home.  In 2012 he married Sokha who he met at the hotel and they are planning to have children in the near future.  Bunno still works for the hotel but he is a volunteer technician at our guesthouse, fixing any problems we are not able to fix ourselves and helping us with general maintenance.



Tour is 21 years old and lives just behind our school in Banteay Srey. His father died in the early 1990's from a gun shot wound so Tour was unable to attend primary school (his mother couldn't afford small fees like uniforms, supplies, and tips for teachers).  From 2009-2011 Bridge of Life School provided a scholarship to Tour.  He cleaned the school daily and in return received $50 every month so he could return to school and help support his mother.  Despite being nearly six years older than his classmates he continued his studies and made it to high school.  When we opened the guesthouse we decided to hire Tour full-time as a tuk-tuk driver and assistant receptionist.  He has taken a break from school but plans to finish his high school degree next year and from there attend university.  His dream is to work in the hospitality industry at a five star hotel or tour agency.  



Paren is without a doubt our biggest success story.  He is originally from Kampong Klein, a floating community about 40 miles from Siem Reap city.  In the late 1990's his family (except his oldest brother) moved to Banteay Srey as there were no schools in his homeland.  He began studying at the local public s and would later learn English with Bridge of Life School.  After finishing high school he moved to the city and found work as a nigh shift receptionist.  He saved money and started attending university on a partial scholarship.  When we opened the guesthouse we decided to hire Paren as part-time manager.  He simultaneously worked for PLAN NGO as a project assistant.  In December of 2012 he left plan to work as Bridge of Life School's Siem Reap province manager as well as our guesthouse manager.  Paren is passionate about his homeland and committed not only to education but community development.  He is still taking classes at university and will graduate with a bachelors degree in 2015.  

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