Our Mission

The mission of Bridge of Life School is to provide English language classes and support other programs based on community participation and need:
+ We build bridges together by teaching, training, and supporting local individuals and communities.
+ We hire Khmer staff always come from and have a direct relationship to the communities where we work.
+ We are open to different ideas and strategies; our approach is grassroots and always flexible; we try new things, often make mistakes, but learn from them.
+ We work with motivated students and communities who actively participate on their own accord
+ We are forever committed to the programs we support, but we also value community ownership and keep self-sustainable independence as a long-term goal. We are constantly reevaluating and revising our mission statement to better reflect what we believe and do.

Brief History of the School

The mission of Bridge of Life School is to provide English language classes and support other programs based on community participation and
Sok Prin and Edward Roohan cofounded Bridge of Life School in 2009.  Edward Roohan visited Cambodia in May of 2009 through an Alternative Breaks program at LMU.  Sok Prin is a Cambodian who was employed at our hotel where the group stayed.  Eddie spent some of his time with Sok and co-taught Sok’s English class with another LMU volunteer.  After the trip ended Sok mentioned his desire to start and English school and non-profit to help his community.  After a lot of discussion and planning a $250 donation was made to start the school.  Sok’s family donated some of their land and an old wood building was renovated into a simple classroom.

The school is located approximately 25 miles from Siem Reap.  Located in the greater Angkor region, it has one of the larger cities in Cambodia nad is the hub for its torusim industry.  It is home to Angkor Wat and many other Cambodian temples and is visited by millions of foreigners annually.  The influx of tourism creates a large job market that does not exist in most areas.  The job market center’s on one’s ability to speak English, the de  facto international language.  As a result, tour guides, taxi drivers, hotel staff, restaurant employees, public servants, street and shop vendors, bank tellers, and others need to be fluent in English to find employement.
The school in Banteay Srey is our most active site and has expanded to accommodated additional community driven initiatives.  In 2011, we opened a school in Kampong Thom province under the direction of Chea.  It is approximately 70 miles from Siem Reap and provides classes for nearly 200 students. 

Office: Vihea Chen Village,
Sangkat Svay Dangkum Siem Reap
Province, Cambodia.
Tel: +855 88 628 3692 (CAM)
           +1 626 825 4445 (USA)
Email: info@bridgeoflifeschool.org
Website: www.bridgeoflifeschool.org
Blog: blog.bridgeoflifeschool.org

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